Fun Night Booth Registration

Friday, July 26th 6:00PM – 10:00PM

NOTE: To access all the options of this page please use a desktop computer.

  • Vendor Information Page
  • You may purchase more than one booth. You must provide a secondary contact for each booth space however can be the same person if the booths are adjacent.
  • If you click on a spot but no pop-up appears that booth may have already been sold but has not yet been updated in our system.
  • Mouse over Red (Sold) spots to see your potential neighbors so you are not directly next to a competitor.
  • Food Vendors must choose from the yellow dotted area.


  1. View the Map of Main Street below
  2. Mouse over your chosen spot and click
  3. Provide a Secondary Contact for your booth
  4. Choose the relevant “Option” for your booth
  5. Repeat for 1-4 for multiple booths
  6. Fill in your Contact information
  7. Choose a payment option
  8. Check out!


  • Chamber Members $35
  • Yuma County Resident $45
  • Outside Yuma County Resident $90

(Chamber Members please login to your membership before shopping so the payments and invoices will be associated with your account.)