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    10% ChallengeWray Chamber of Commerce

    10% Challenge

    This year we invite you to join us in loving local with the 10% Challenge. This is a great way to show your love for the local businesses, events and organizations in your community that make Wray the special place you call home. By moving 10 % of the money you are currently spending online or in another community, you’re showing your community that you love and appreciate all they do to make your community feel like HOME!

    • A 10% shift in local spending can generate approximately $178 in new economic activity for every person that moves the 10%!
    • For every 1,000 residents that moves just 10% of their spending back into local businesses, 2 jobs are created and $6,500 in new wages are generated.


    Changing your spending habits doesn’t cost more – it just takes a little effort!


    If you own a business, shift your sourcing to local businesses, artisans & vendors.


    If you are on a non-profit board, make the commitment to access local resources.

    How do you know if you’re moving toward 10%?

    We know that there are some things you may not be able to purchase locally. So, think in terms of the items you can get locally.

    • Are you purchasing those items out of town or online because “you’re already there?” Before making that online purchase, or picking the item up while you’re out of town, ask yourself, “Can I get that here at home?”
    • Are you making the assumption that some items are “cheaper” because they’re from online or from a discount chain? Double check. Make sure. You might be pleasantly surprised!
    • Fill up the tank in town from local community supported gas stations!
    • Ask your local gift shop if they’ll ship a gift for you or if they offer online ordering and shipping, instead of ordering and having it shipped online.
    • Let your local grocer and or favorite business know about the items you’d like to get locally. Many have more options if you just ask!
    • Take a look at your weekly budget. How much did you spend on groceries or convivence items? Was at least 10% of that spent in your community?