2015 Tour Dates:

Tour #1 Friday, March 27 Saturday, March 28th
Tour #2 Saturday, March 28 Sunday March 29th
Tour #3 Friday, April 3 Saturday, April 4th
Tour #4 Tuesday, April 7 Wednesday, April 8th
Tour #5 Friday, April 10 Saturday, April 11th
Tour #6 Saturday, April 11 Sunday, April 12th
Tour #7 Friday, April 17 Saturday, April 18th
Tour #8 Saturday, April 18 Sunday, April 19th


Friday & Saturday Night:

6:00 P.M. - Tour Orientation. (Attendance is Required)

This orientation will last approximately 1 hour. A representative from the Colorado Division of Wildlife will give a presentation on the Greater Prairie Chicken and how the following morning’s tour will take place. There will also be a video presentation and a question and answer session.

Following Your Orientation. – Wray Museum Tour (Optional)

Following the orientation, you will have the option to take a guided tour of the Wray Museum. Trained staff members will be on hand to take you on a guided tour of our local museum which houses lots of artifacts and information regarding Wray and Eastern Yuma County. (The Wray Museum is the only community museum outside of Washington, D.C. to have a Smithsonian sanctioned exhibit!)

Saturday & Sunday Morning: Time TBD

Check-In at Wray Museum

At the orientation the night before, you will be given all the proper information regarding your attire and procedures for the tour. You can also find some more information on the Frequently Asked Questions page…the link to this page is below. This will include the time you need to be at the Wray Museum the morning of your tour. This time all depends on the weather forecast and the sunrise, so we are not able to provide you with this information ahead of time. If you are not on the bus at the time that was given the night before, or unless you have made prior arrangements with the Wray Chamber Director or the Colorado Division of Wildlife officer ahead of time, the bus will leave without you. If this happens, you will forfeit your registration fee.

Time TBD – Arrival at Lek on Kitzmiller Grazing grounds.

Once you arrive at the lek, you will be escorted off the bus and in to the viewing trailer. You will be given ample time to situate yourself and get comfortable. You will be in this viewing trailer for 1 ½ to 2 hours and will not be allowed to leave. Also, there are no restrooms available during this time frame. Once the viewing is finished, you will be taken to the Kitzmiller Grazing Association’s main property for breakfast. This breakfast will consist of farm fresh scrambled eggs, farm raised bacon, pancakes, juice and coffee. You will spend about 1 to 1 ½ hours there and then be taken back to the Wray Museum. Typical estimated return time is between 9 – 10am.